it's Your Time to Get Healthy, Holy, and Hot!
What You Will Receive Within this Life Changing Course:
  • Biblically Accurate Theology: The verses and truths you've overlooked - or never been taught - about your body, God's purposes for it, and how to care for it (yes, even including what kind of bread to eat!) 
  •  Mastery of Your Thoughts and Emotions: Full awareness of and grace for all of the cultures that have influenced you - and how to sidestep the lies and rewrite your thoughts about your body, for good.
  • Model-Approved Wellness Strategies: The simple and effective 3-part system for taking your body to heights of wellness you never dared hope for - all in an easy, portable, and pleasurable way.
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The Body Stewardship Course

10 epic weeks of transforming your body from the soul-outward. Let's do this, Gorgeous!
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$500 / 10 mo

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30 Day Guarantee

I will happily refund your investment within 30 days with evidence that all worksheets from all 10 modules have been fully completed. I am committed to your transformation, and I know that means putting in the work and committing to yourself, beautiful!

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